13 Occult Freemason Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall – What are Panda Eyes?

Humanity must learn to read the language of symbolism otherwise these creatures will continue to get away with their crimes of corruption against children and humanity like they have been for centuries. God gave you wisdom to see the corruption and connect the patterns and symbols, your silence is consent. I hope this blog helps lift the veil for you.

It’s not that difficult folks, and once you see it you can not unsee it. They are mocking us, they laugh at us and call us sheep and cattle, their slaves that hang on every one of their words waiting to tell us how to think, how to behave, what to wear, what to drive, what to be outraged by. Who are they? Why do we even care?

Vow of Silence = Masonic Obligation of SilenceAll Mocking Tongue = Serpent Tongue, Deviant SexuallyTriad Claw = Masonic M, Reptillian Dragon Claw, 666, VDragon Symbol of the Cosmos = Summon Demons, Cast CursesThe Pyramid Sign = Illuminati PyramidThe Illuminati Hidden Eye = Eye of Horus, Lucifer, All Seeing EyeLightening Bolt = Lucifer Falling From Heaven Like a Lightening BoltUpside Down Cross = Mock and Dishonour Christ and GodThe Devil’s Horns = Sign of Satan Horned GodThe V Sign = Sign of the Occult – PentagramTriple Six = Number of the BeastThe Hidden Hand = Royal Arch Degree FreeMasonry = I’m In ThisAs Above So Below = Destruction of Earth and Civilization

Joe Barack = 752 = Is A Dreadful Abomination, George Floyd Death, Brotherhood of the Snake, Cancel Cancel Culture.

1. Square and Compasses
2. Lambskin Apron
3. Gloves
4. Solomon’s Temple
5. All-Seeing Eye (Eye of Providence)
6. Ashlars
7. Labor
8. Level
9. Blazing Star
10. Light
11. Cedar
12. Acacia

Let’s Review Panda Eyes (Graphic)Not pleasant but necessary. We need to be OUTRAGED. Panda eyes is a slang term for child sodomy. When a child is sodomized the trauma bursts capillaries around the eye sockets creating ringed bruising around the eyes.We must learn about these very dark topics so we can become conscious of the sick world we live in. Our silence is consent and ignorance is no longer an excuse or option. It is through knowledgable that we become outraged demanding justice so we can heal and unite.

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