A Domestic Chernobyl In East Palestine Ohio – Dead Animals, People Getting Sick, Arrested Journalists and MSM Blackout

A Domestic Chernobyl In East Palestine Ohio – Dead Animals, People Getting Sick, Arrested Journalists and MSM Blackout

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On February 3rd, a train owned by Norfolk Southern freight derailed in East Palenstine, Ohio carrying toxic chemicals carrying gallons of Vinyl Chloride (more on this later) spilled into the ground and water. It was later decided by authorities they would burn these chemicals. We first need to dissect how the train was derailed, who owns the freight line and the regulations surrounding the transportation of these toxic chemicals between states.

The Biden administration was in a quiet war with the train unions last fall surrounding the nation’s railways. There aren’t enough workers, pay is not going up and the lack of workers is causing current workers to work long exhausting hours putting safety on the backburner.

“Add to this the fact that in the last 10 years, the Class One carriers have dramatically increased both the length and tonnage of the average train, while cutting back on maintenance and inspection, and we have a time bomb ticking, just like a decade ago, leading up to the Canadian disaster that destroyed a whole town and took the lives of 47 people.”

The name rail workers use to call this system of running trains is called, “Precision Scheduled Railroading”. It increases profits for the owners with less inspections and regulations on what is being carried putting everyone at risk.

These cars are usually inspected for an average of 3 minutes but with red tape being cut and inspection standards dropping, the average time to inspect each car is 90 seconds increasing chances for more accidents. According to @MorePerfectUS they have cut 22% of these jobs since 2017.

Norfolk Southern Corporation is owned by Wall Street billionaires and their 4th quarter earnings were huge.

“Fourth quarter railway operating revenue was $3.2 billion, up 13%, and income from railway operations was $1.2 billion, up 5%. “Our team delivered double-digit percentage growth in revenue as well as earnings per share and achieved record revenue and operating income for the year.”

All of this record income at what cost?

“Documents show that when current transportation safety rules were first created, a federal agency sided with industry lobbyists and limited regulations governing the transport of hazardous compounds.

The decision effectively exempted many trains hauling dangerous materials — from the “high-hazard” classification and its more stringent safety requirements. Amid the lobbying blitz against stronger transportation safety regulations, Norfolk Southern paid executives millions and spent billions on stock buybacks.”

The hedge funds let a Norfolk employee fall on the sword while Wall Street is never mentioned in the public eye. 

In 2012, a derailment happened in NJ and 20,000 gallons of toxic chemicals spilled into the air and Obama was pushing for rule changes to make these trains safer with ECB breaks. Chemical lobbyists pushed against this and ultimately won leaving the door open for more disasters. This isn’t the first time that this happened in Ohio. In @phaylen’s thread this happened in the 1980’s when toxic clouds from a spill from Ohio Liquid Disposal and resident’s were paid 500 dollars while the rich made huge profits.

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Now majority of the chemicals were burned but some of them were also buried. The sketchy party? The fixed railroad was built overtop the buried spillage? Now why would they do that and so quickly? Air tests were given but no ground/water tests? Smells like coverup…

What exact chemicals were spilled you ask? The major one was Vinyl Chloride. When you burn Vinyl Chloride it turns into hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide when it goes into the air.

This wasn’t the only chemical that was spilled though. The EPA was not forthcoming with the public and later admitted more chemicals were spilled and also got into waterways and creeks.

Descriptions of the other chemicals released into the envrionment.

Another side effect from burning these chemicals causes what’s known as, “diotoxins”. As described by @FalconryFinance can merge with fatty tissues and stay in cell membranes forever. This is what’s been floating around in Ohio for over a week now.

Just 6 days after the spill officials told residents it was safe to come back after tests of water and air were completed but all of that was a lie as I’m about to drop more evidence of what this has done to the animals, property and people living in this area.

On February 6th, the EPA had a press conference and told the residents they had not seen any damage or cause for concern to waterways and wildlife. Let’s look at what the residents in East Palestine were seeing.

“Taylor Holzer and his family run Parker Dairy, just outside the original evacuation zone. Holzer is registered with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as a foxkeeper. Out of nowhere, he just started coughing really hard, just shut down, and he had liquid diarrhea and he had liquid diarrhea and just went very fast,” says Holzer. 

People are getting sick.

“According to a social media post from the East Palestine Police Department, the Potable Well Task Group will knock on doors Saturday where there are “at risk” drinking water wells in the area. The Potable Water Working Group is in the process of determining what private drinking water wells have the potential to be impacted by the incident. The contractors work for Norfolk Southern Railway.” 

Acid on cars in Ohio.

The final piece to this was the media coverup of the journalists that were on the ground trying to cover this. One in particular was Evan Lambert, a reporter for News Nation, was arrested for some made up charges for simply being there and doing his job.

He wasn’t part of the regular corporate media that was also present and from the body cam footage, the police officers got aggressive with him and ultimately arrested him for minor charges. The optics of the situation looked like they were trying to silence anyone who was asking the hard questions.

This situation could be worse than Chernobyl and all the proof is in this article.

We haven’t heard a word from Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg.

UFO’s, balloons are a major distraction while journalists covering this story were getting arrested and no MSM coverage.

Now ask yourself why?

That’s for you to decide.

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