June 26, 2022

Barack Obama and his cabal tools stole the election from Donald Trump and the Fake News is waving it in our faces by using their backdoor lackeys

This dipshit-iot is a contributor to Meidas Touch.
A CNN / MSNBC backdoor contributor, founded by Collin Kaepernick’s attorney

Collin Kaepernick -> Started propaganda for BLM -> Antifa, & was paid off by Nike.

»»» The End Of The World As We Know It…The Fall Of The Cabal

“MeidasTouch is an American political action committee formed in March 2020 with its sole purpose, as stated, to stop reelection of Donald Trump in the 2020 United States presidential election”

PAC donors include Bette Midler, Drew Carey & many others.


These dipshit-iots’ doorway into getting their content put on CNN, was KellyAnne Conway’s husband


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