Biden’s Booster Shot: Fake President, Fake Shot in Fake White House – Sound Stage Confirmed!

Illegitimate President Joe Biden made big political news by allegedly getting a COVID Booster shot. Turns out, the shot itself was fake, and the news release video was shot on a sound stage FAKE White House location.

Above is the image released to the media allegedly showing the fake US “President” getting a COVID Booster shot.

But it turns out that the wall and window behind Biden is as fake as his Presidency:


The whole thing was done on a sound stage.

Biden indeed received the injection on a stage, in an auditorium on the White House’s campus, in front of artificial windows that displayed digital images of sunny outdoor views, according to verified photographic and visual evidence.

To form that conclusion, we first considered C-SPAN’s video of the Sept. 27 event.

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That recording switched between multiple angles, including a front-facing view of a podium and flags in front of a projector screen that read “VACCINES.GOV,” and a right-corner view that captured the heads of a few photojournalists and the aforementioned windows.

Even Stephan Colbert, host of CBS’ “The Late Show,” called attention to the scene.

“I understand [Biden] was doing this on camera to encourage everyone to get the shot — and that’s a good thing,” Colbert said on his show. “But all I could see was what looked like incredibly fake windows behind the president — it’s a fake room.”

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