July 1, 2022

Walk with me on a journey, a journey through reality and speculation. One that will leave you both questioning reality, and existence. This is not a typical thread for me in subject matter, but you will still see plenty of pictures. Might sneak a map in too.

Why Double Star? Well, it’s the title of a book by one of my favorite SF authors, Robert A Heinlein. The Cliff notes are an actor is recruited to play a head of state that suddenly dies.

Ok that’s a pretty strong hint where we are going tonight. Not the only place, this will wend in a couple of directions, but it should keep your mind in the game. I want to start by thanking a couple of Anons for helping me with this. I robbed pictures from them without remorse, and they were willing accomplices.

Hmm.. that makes me think that we are being directed. Perhaps all of those ads popping up aren’t coincidental after all. I love the indirect nods that we are going in the right direction!

Also: List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles. 

So, I got to thinking about how many people have been accused of using body doubles or clones. Now I’ll say right here and now, I have a hard time swallowing the clone thing. Is it possible? Absolutely. Is it practical? Eh… not so much for a number of reasons.

But I won’t get into that now when we have an easy, and VERY effective solution at hand. Full masks. Hollywood FX industry has been using them for decades, and they can be made to be exceptionally realistic.

So much so, that if you weren’t comparing people side by side, often you would miss the little detail differences. If the retail ones are as good as above, how good do you think the pro ones are??

So lets look at a pile of comparisons. Starting with Joe “the Gaff” Biden.

»»» Revelation and Bible Prophecy: An Event That May Leave 290 Million Americans Dead in its Wake! Video below:

Bill Clinton


Bill and Melinda Gates


Reference: This Secret Ancient Japanese Tonic Recipe Will Help You Melts 54 LBS Of Fat. A mustust-see video below:

The Notorious RBG

Kamala Harris


Also: The Hillary Child-Sex Tape Is Worse Than You Can Imagine | The SATANIC SYNDICATE

Don Lemon

Lori Lightfoot

A Merkel, Biden, Gates collage



I hesitate to add this, but in the interest of openness and honesty, Mike Pence. I have to look at ALL the facts, even the ones I might not like.


And lastly, Zuckyberg

I will also link a BIG thread that @q_galt did that covers the above and many more. I don’t agree with all of them, but that’s ok.

6) Lori Lightfoot
7) Kamala Harris
8) Barack Obama
9) Valerie Jarrett
10) Oprah Winfrey
11) Adele
12) Stephen Colbert
13) Jennifer Aniston
14) Alyssa Milano
15) Joy Reid
16) Michelle Obama
17) James Comey
18) Bill Clinton
19) Hillary Clinton
20) Hunter Biden

So, with all of the above in mind, its pretty easy to believe that we ARE seeing some shenanigans. But to what end? Well, as always, I have a theory on that. Buckle in folks.

We know that Cue has quite a few statements that they have made multiple times. Lets look at relevant ones to this conversation right now.

What makes a movie GOOD? GREAT actors?

Must Read: The Executed: Clones, Doubles, Actors, Transvestites Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI

Enjoy the show has appeared 73 times!! I wont bother linking a drop, there are so many…

Where is Hunter has dropped in POTUS tweets twice…

Where is Hunter Biden? He has disappeared while the Fake News protects his Crooked daddy!

A term that has popped up on the Kun in regards to what is going on, Kabuki Theater.

Patriots are in Control.

And finally, the Great Awakening.

A total of 55 times!!! So what does all of this mean? Well, here we go. What it means, is that we are watching a pre-planned, and long designed, script play out. This script is designed to awaken the most people, with the least amount of death amongst the population.

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Remember, THIS IS WAR. There will be collateral damage. It cannot be fully helped. But the path that has been laid down is the one calculated to bring the LEAST collateral damage possible. While in turn awakening as many normies as possible.

Remember, military planning at its finest.

And only 4-6% lost, 3 drops.

Anyone notice how quiet so many Hollywood actors are? Sure, we have Hanx, Oprah, Ellen, Madonna, Milano, What’s his butt from Archie, and Midler all bleating pretty consistently, but what about all of the others? Robert Downey Jr? Ben Stiller? Etc. etc. etc.

Is it POSSIBLE that great actors are playing roles? Roles laid out for them as part of their deal for an easy death? Roles designed to expose the perfidy of the Leftists, Hollywood et al?

Actors used to wearing silicone masks as part of their work. Actors used to having to change tone and inflection to suit the role. Actors used to sitting for hours to get made up for their role.

Are they actors every time? No, I don’t think so. I think its done for a variety of reasons. The real politico traitors are only let out on a VERY short leash from time to time. Hence the changes with say, Hillary, who looks different every time you see her.

Is it her known double(s)? An actor in a Mask? Or the cabbage breath girl herself? At this point it Is hard to tell. But its obvious its not always the Witch.

Bottom line here, is that we ARE watching a show put on by white hats designed to wake the most normies possible with the least amount of death. I, and many others in and around my digging groups, feel that this was all a done deal in 2017, before Q dropped the first time.

EVERYTHING is allowed, planned for, and controlled. Riots, Fires, Covid, everything. I know that might put a bad taste in some of your mouths, but you have to understand ANY OTHER WAY IS WORSE! Any other way ignites a shooting war that no rational person wants.

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A shooting war that would kill millions quickly. This IS our last stand. We have no other fall back position. This is it. We have only one chance to get it correct.

I’m going to trust the Patriots in control, and do as they ask. Going Cowboy is the wrong thing, until it is asked of us. Let’s let the Military handle that which they do so well, and are trained to do.

Thank you for reading. Once again, I hope that this has helped you understand the big picture that we are dealing with. If you like what you read, please read my articles for more. MUCH more. We Go all, together we go.

A request for RT’s, and the promised map…. let’s see who knows what I think this is….

Since everyone is asking, read this full thread to see what I believe the above picture is… lots in this one too. As always lol.

Is everyone ready to follow me down the rabbit hole again? Semi speculation this time, with some facts and anecdotal evidence to back it up. Itll take me a bit longer to build this one, as Im doing it on the fly, but here goes!

Warning, the thread linked above is a mind bender… it goes many places lol A couple people have added this video to give more credence to this theory. But what I just noticed in this video, is the Trump mask on the left side……

Still don’t believe we are NOT seeing the actual characters publicly? Remember my article a few months ago about military being deployed to Gitmo?


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