May 26, 2022

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Praises filling the airways about President H.W. Bush were a little hard to stomach during his funeral on Dec. 5. Bush helped form the CIA which after World War II, brought Nazi Mind Control experts into the US, Australia and Canada to torture and kill an estimated thousands of children bred for the purpose.

► Watch Now: George H. W. Bush: “They know everything. I’m sorry.”

Bush was also said to be behind the murder of President John Kennedy after he went after the CIA and tried to return the US dollar to a gold standard.

“I have been told by two CIA sources that G.H.W. Scherff (Bush) was actually indicted on Sept. 10, 2018 for crimes against humanity, child trafficking, sedition and treason” said Whistleblower Benjamin Fulford.

“He allegedly plea-bargained a deal with the military tribunal hearing his case, to be executed/suicided to keep his legacy intact for his family and the sheeple. Trump was said to have signed the death order.”

Bush’s death has in no way solved the child exploitation problem. Even today the CIA was believed to use US Taxpayer dollars to fund an international Vatican-run Child Sex Trafficking, Gun and Drug Running Ring in order to gain power over world affairs through blackmailing political elites.

► On December 6th and January 6th , President Trump’s Words Shook the World. . . Watch the video below:

President Trump began a war against this child exploitation when he paid a visit to CIA Headquarters the morning of his inauguration. Trump has been able to accomplish what Kennedy was denied: within the next couple of weeks mass arrests were expected on 200,000 federal indictments against political and global elites that have been filed in federal courts across the nation just this year. Most were said to involve charges of pedophilia done under funding of the CIA and Bush Cartel: Corruption of the Year – The Public Servants – 200,000 Federal Indictments of the Swamp – The List is Astounding!

Just in the few days since the Bush funeral Trump’s War Against Pedophilia was found to extend worldwide. On Dec. 9 a Pedophile Ring was busted in Canada. Police referred to the massive bust as the “tip of the iceberg.” Victims as young as three were rescued. Pedophile Ring Busted in Canada, Victims As Young As 3-Years-Old Rescued.

Next day on Dec. 10 hundreds of sex abuse allegations were found in fundamental Baptist churches across U.S.

The Baptists certainly were not alone. More than 200 women have accused a famous Brazilian spiritual healer of sexual abuse. Much worse, the Vatican was believed behind the CIA funded international child trafficking ring.

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That same day of Dec. 10 Colombian Police arrested Israelis thought behind Child Sex Trafficking: Colombian police arrest 6 Israelis behind child sex trafficking ring .

Two days later on Dec. 12 in Australia Cardinal Pell was found guilty on all counts of sex abuse of children.

That same day former CIA Agent Robert David Steele predicted a corrupted Republican Party would collapse within six months due to pedophilia.

Also on that same Dec. 12 a police chief confirmed that former UK Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath raped dozens of children, and there had been an extensive government coverup of his crimes.

The next day on Dec. 13 a video came out about Macaulay Culkin Satanic Hollywood: Macaulay Culkin: Satanic Hollywood Elites Murder Children During Rituals.

For years the Royal Family has been implicated in Satanic pedophilia and sex slavery – this time through a Florida court case. Evidence presented involved Prince Andrew, the Clintons and other elites who were suspected to regularly use Epstein’s Pedophile Island off the Florida Coast to abuse and even kill minors who were bred for the purpose.

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US Attorney for Utah John Huber has been in charge of 740 investigators doing the two year Trump investigation that resulted in filing of 63,233 indictments. Huber was on TV calling the proliferation of sex crimes involving children troubling,

“In our career and our experience, rehabilitation — although a laudable goal — is unrealistic in dealing with these types of offenders. Stiff justice is an appropriate remedy, first and foremost, for keeping people safe.”

This year in Utah alone, Federal prosecutors filed 54 child exploitation cases involving possession, distribution and production of child pornography — 10 more than last year and 13 more than the year before.

”We cannot tolerate this. We should not tolerate any of this,” Huber said. “Some of the images are so unimaginable, including rape and sodomy of toddlers, that they can’t be talked about on television.”

Land of Confusion

“Solving the Human Trafficking EPIDEMIC is a priority of my administration. Without YOU, nothing would happen.” – President Trump

Joe Biden’s been ‘president’ for 385 days & he’s not only failed to address any plans to combat Child Trafficking, but the O’Biden administration has actively taken direct steps to [KNOWINGLY] reverse Trump’s actions as an attempt to ensure Child Trafficking continues to thrive more than ever, cuz O’Biden & his cabalistic cohorts across the political & Hollywood stage are complicit in it. Read the full article HERE

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