China Massing Troops Along India Border; India Says Responding in-kind with “large deployments”

The decades long border dispute between China and India took a dramatic turn today. China is sending 100,000 additional troops to the border along with tanks, artillery and armored vehicles. India, surprised by the move, says it is responding in-kind.

Chinese President Xi Jin Ping stated flatly today “Every centimeter of Chinese land will be reclaimed.”

China is deploying troops to both regions shown above as “disputed.” India claims its border is at the NORTHERN edge of the dispute-highlighted area, while China claims its border is at the SOUTHERN edge of the dispute-highlighted area.

It appears there’s a real fight brewing because China want this issue resolved before they try to take Taiwan.

The thinking is that India must be cowered by a resounding military LOSS to China, so India will not interfere when China moves to take Taiwan.

With Joe Biden having tucked-tail and run from Afghanistan, China sees the US as a paper tiger when it comes to aiding India.

China also sees the US as outmatched when it comes to China taking Taiwan.

China is the THIRD most powerful military on earth. India is the FOURTH most powerful military on earth. Each has nuclear weapons.

A war between numbers 3 and 4 in the world would be catastrophic. Especially since India reminded everyone today with the following graphic:

Trouble on the horizon.

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