Declassified US Pentagon Files Show Alien Abductions Cause Unexplained Pregnancies, Radiation Injuries, And Teleportation

Declassified US Pentagon Files Show Alien Abductions Cause Unexplained Pregnancies, Radiation Injuries, And Teleportation

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The Sun claims in a highly anticipated news report that it received 1,574 pages of documents from the US Pentagon as a result of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request filed on December 18, 2017, for a copy of all “files, reports, or video files” related to the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) – the secretive US Department of Defense UFO investigation program that began in 2007, was funded until 2012, ran unfunded for a time afterward, and was eventually shut down.

However, that is not the blockbuster element, the Sun combed through the records and discovered accounts of the biological impacts of UFO sightings on humans – including incidents of apparent abduction, unaccounted for pregnancy, sexual encounters, telepathy, and imagined teleportation.

“Sufficient incidents/accidents have been accurately reported, and medical data acquired, as to support a hypothesis that some advanced systems are already deployed, and opaque to full US understandings.”

According to The Sun – which included excerpts from the document – the document titled “Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues” examines injuries to “human observers” caused by “anomalous advanced aerospace systems.”

It details “356 selected incidents of UFO-induced psychological consequences on humans,” including paralysis, eye damage, burns, dehydration, and hair loss, among other things.

“The medical analyses while not require the invention of an alternative biophysics do indicate to use of (to us) unconventional and advanced energy systems.”

According to The Sun, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) acknowledges that the pages have been redacted to protect privacy and confidentiality, but “the DIA has not withheld any reasonably segregable non-exempt elements of the material.”

What it does state is that it has received five reports of sexual relations between UFOs and humans — one of which resulted in an unexplained pregnancy. Regrettably, no additional information was provided.

greys abducting humans

According to the DIA investigation, witnesses to UFO encounters suffered radiation burns, brain damage, and damaged nerves as a result of electromagnetic radiation exposure from “energy-related propulsion systems.

“While the story made no reference to crashed UFOs, it stated that the study argued that using this medical data may be used to “reverse engineer” UFOs “of unknown provenance that may pose a threat to US interests.”

AATIP appears to have been planning additional encounters – the Sun cites one document categorizing “anomalous behavior” as follows: “ghosts, yetis, spirits, elves, and other mythical/legendary entities” and were classified as AN3.

“Witness interaction with AN3 entities” was classified as AN4, and “an encounter with an alien result in permanent psychological injuries “or death” was classified as CE4. Other categories for poltergeists, crop circles, spontaneous human combustion, extraterrestrial abductions, and other paranormal incidents were mentioned in The Star.

“Classified information exists that is highly pertinent to the subject of this study and only a small part of the classified literature has been released”.

The Star article ends with the government caution outlined above — regrettably, this is not a commitment to share additional information.

It’s difficult to predict what will happen next. Is “The Star” going to make all 1500+ pages of the newspaper open to the public? Are we interested in seeing them if The Star has already published the ‘good stuff?


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