EXCLUSIVE: National Elections Officials Gathering For Secret Zuckerberg Funded, Soros Tied US Election Summit At ‘International Spy Museum’

EXCLUSIVE: National Elections Officials Gathering For Secret Zuckerberg Funded, Soros Tied US Election Summit At ‘International Spy Museum’

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It’s been said that “Democracy Dies in Darkness”…and the same can be said about the integrity of our elections in the United States.

Since the aftermath of the stolen 2020 Presidential election, Americans have become more alert to the growing threat of election fraud in the United States, a problem which both political party establishments are reluctant to address.

According to a November 2022 poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group, 56.8 percent of American voters don’t fully trust that America’s elections are fair and accurate. This is an astounding number, because it means that majority of Americans have lost trust in the integrity of our elections.

The increasing distrust in elections can largely be attributed to mail in ballot fraud, and Big Tech election interference, issues that have been downplayed by many elections officials on a national level.

And now, ahead of the 2024 Presidential election, a group of some of the nation’s most notorious election fraud deniers and election officials, including Secretaries of State, are set to have a secret Elections summit in Washington DC from May 8-May 9 called “Summit on American Democracy”. One would think that Election officials who are concerned about Democracy would be transparent with their actions, and invite members of the public to attend their summit. But, this upcoming election summit is “invite only” and not open to the public. Additionally, in their effort to openly mock election integrity advocates who they have dismissed and defamed as “conspiracy theorists”, the summit is being hosted at the “International Spy Museum” in Washington DC.

The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) is organizing and hosting the conference. CEIR was founded in 2016 by David Becker, who also founded the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN). Becker previously worked at Pew Charitable Trusts, where he organized the creation of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). Prior to working at Pew, Becker was the Director of People for the American Way (PFAW) and also worked in the U.S. Department of Justice as a litigator. However, in 2005, a formal ethics complaint was filed against Becker when he was a trial lawyer in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ. At the time, Brad Scholzman, was the acting head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights division, and he said Becker did one of “the most unethical things I’ve ever seen” and called Becker “a hard-core leftist and a classic case of someone who should have been disbarred.” Scholzman also added that Becker “Couldn’t stand conservatives.”

Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a multi-state partnership which claims to allow states to share voter registration data with each other. It is currently used by over 30 states within the United States, but its critics argue that it enables election fraud and violates data privacy.

CEIR describes itself as a “nonpartisan nonprofit that conducts elections research and works with election officials from around the country and both sides of the aisle. to support elections that voters should—and do—trust.

However, founded by Becker, a hard core Leftist activist, CEIR is documented as being a SOROS tied advocacy group that provides grants and conducts research to increase Democrat voter turnout in swing states. Becker created CEIR in 2016 in response to President Trump’s election, which Becker claims was the result of “foreign interference”. However,Becker and CEIR clearly have no issue with election interference, because in August 2020, less than three months before the Presidential election, CEIR accepted $69.5 million from Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife, Priscilla Chan to create more mail in ballot drop boxes in key swing states under the guise of “COVID-19 safety precautions”.

David Becker wrote a book titled, “The Big Truth: Upholding  Democracy in the Age of the Big Lie.” His book paints all MAGA supporters who question the legitimacy of the 2020 election results as naive, brainwashed, or subject to an effective disinformation campaign. Mind you, Becker not only believes, but also perpetuated the lies that Russia interfered with the 2016 election, that Jan 6th was a “violent insurrection”, and that the 2020 election was the most transparent and verifiable election in US history.

Becker’s upcoming summit has an invite only hidden guest list, and a Speaker list and agenda that currently features six Secretary of States (NV RI, CO, GA,NM, NJ), Major Garrett, CBS New’s Chief Washington correspondent, Sarah Longwell, Publisher of The Bulwark, an American anti-Trump conservative news and opinion website, and Ben Ginsburg, the Co-Chair of the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN).

Of the election officials who are listed as speakers at the CEIR summit, some have received national exposure for their refusal to look thoroughly into reported voter fraud in the 2020 and 2022 elections, including Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Gabe Sterling, the chief operating officer of Georgia’s Office of the Secretary of State, and Bill Gates, the County Supervisor in Maricopa County, Arizona.

These elected officials have been brought together and invited to speak by David Becker because of their use of ERIC, the program he created. ERIC is a voluntary contract membership between states and ERIC. States that use ERIC must pay up to $2 million of tax-payer- money annually. In March of 2023, Becker resigned from ERIC after three GOP states dropped ERIC due to Becker’s radical Leftist associations and financial ties to George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg.

Instead of taking responsibility for being a partisan hack, Becker blamed his resignation from ERIC on “attacks from election deniers”. Becker profusely denies his Soros ties, but there are countless articles proving that his work was and still is funded by George Soros, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Even though Becker denies his ties to Soros, in his book, he mentions that he worked at Pew Charitable Trusts, a part of Open Society Foundations, which is a grant making network founded and chaired by George Soros.

According to the CEIR website:

“ ERIC is a tool that I [David Becker] helped create in 2012. It is a nonprofit, run by states that voluntarily choose to be members, that helps make them identify voters who have moved, voters who have died, and possible instances of illegal double voting. It also assists states in directing potentially eligible voters to secure and convenient voter registration, instead of less-secure and burdensome paper registration forms. I [David Becker] served on the ERIC board as a non-voting member for nearly its entire existence, until last week, when my term expired, and I informed ERIC that I would not accept renomination as a non-voting member of the board.”

After being exposed as a radical Left-wing activist who pretends to be non-partisan in an effort to interfere with the outcome of US elections in key swing states (with funding from Soros and Zuckerberg), it appears that Becker is using CEIR to continue his partisan election activism, but behind closed doors.

It should concern all American voters that elected officials, including Secretary of States are secretly convening in our nation’s capital ahead of the 2024 Presidential election with a Leftist activist who resigned in disgrace and has a documented history of acting in an unethical and corrupt manner to push his Leftist political agenda.

While CEIR’s website only features about eight speakers as of now, the agenda for the summit indicates that there are several panels and additional speakers who have not been listed on the site. However, the event is invite only by design to conceal the contents of the summit from the public. The Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN) is a project of CEIR, and is listed on CEIR’s website. EOLDN says its purpose is to connect licensed, qualified, pro bono attorneys with election administrators who need advice or assistance. As a branch of CEIR, EOLDN advisory board members have also been invited to attend the secret election summit in DC.

EOLDN’s advisory board consists of Supervisors of Elections, Secretaries of State, election clerks, and directors of elections from all across the country, but specifically in key swing election states.

To put into perspective why this closed-door secret summit is problematic, it serves to undermine not only the integrity of our elections through a lack of transparency, but it also undermines the judicial system. For example, Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona in 2022 is in the middle of an appeal regarding her lawsuit contesting the results of her election. Named in her lawsuit are several Arizona elections officials, including Bill Gates (Gates serves on the Maricopa County Election Board of Supervisors), who is listed as an attendee of the summit.

Elections officials are supposed to be non-partisan. However, on December 22, 2022, Gates tweeted a picture of his statement, celebrating a court ruling against Lake in her lawsuit against her Democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs. Partisan statements from elections officials are not only inappropriate, but they are unethical and further prove that election officials have partisan agendas.

According to Election Official Legal Defense Network’s (EOLDN) website, Lisa M. Marra, the Deputy Director of Elections for Arizona’s Secretary of State, and Stephen Richer, the Elections Recorder in Maricopa County, AZ are also EOLDN advisory board members who are likely to attend the secret upcoming CEIR summit . Maricopa County was the focus of national controversy surrounding election fraud in both 2020 and 2022. While running for Governor of Arizona, Lake’s opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs, was the Secretary of State of Arizona. In other words, Hobbs was able to oversee the outcome of her own election as Arizona’s Secretary of State, the leading election overseer. Gates, Marra, and Richer all worked under Hobbs, and are advisory board members of Soros and Zuckerberg tied EOLDN, a CEIR offshoot which provided them legal counsel to combat Lake’s highly supported claims of voter fraud.

Why are Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, and Lisa M. Marra, the Deputy Director of Elections for Arizona’s Secretary of State’s office heavily involved in a far Left election conference while the election lawsuits of Kari Lake, Abe Hamadeh and Mark Finchem are still ongoing? Gates and Richer are licensed attorneys, who are both subject to Rules of Professional Conduct that established policies which state licensed attorneys may not “engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice” (Rule 8.4(d)). Their advisory board membership with EOLDN and their participation in the upcoming CEIR conference is grounds for citizens to file bar complaints against them. These bar complaints would actually be legitimate, as opposed to the frivolous bar complaints the Left and their advocacy groups are constantly filing against conservative election attorneys.

To learn more about how you can file a Bar complaint against Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates, and Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer for professional misconduct, click here.

It is worth noting that in February 2023, Lisa Marra, the elections director of Cochise County, Arizona, resigned from her job after two Republican county supervisors, Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd, filed a lawsuit against her to urge her to conduct a 100 percent hand count of the 2022 midterm election, which she refused to do. Marra’s resignation came days before a scheduled public meeting in Arizona regarding voting machines, where members of the public and voter fraud experts were scheduled to speak and show evidence of election fraud in Arizona.

It is laughable that these election officials claim to be non-partisan when they are attending partisan election summits in secret. How can voters in the United States of America, especially in a state like Arizona, possibly have trust in, and feel comfortable about the security of their elections when their top state and county election officials are having secret, closed door meetings at a summit organized by David Becker, a known Leftist activist and Trump hater, who is financed by Leftist mega donors like George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg?

The answer is simple.

They can’t!

SOURCE: https://loomered.com/2023/04/21/exclusive-national-elections-officials-gathering-for-secret-zuckerberg-funded-soros-tied-us-election-summit-at-international-spy-museum/

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