‘No Vaccine, No Entry’: How COVID-19 Shots Are Causing Social Conflicts

This is where the COVID-19 scamdemic was always headed. From before the alleged vaccine was even created, the elite’s goal was to have everyone other than themselves injected. If you believe elites, politicians really took the jab on live television to illustrate the safety of the mNRA gene therapy being peddled as a vaccine, I have not one, but three bridges to sell you in Brooklyn. The fact is, the COVID-19 mRNA injections are dangerous and deadly. No lie can distort these statistical facts.

Society reels from the deaths of 3,000 people on 9/11/01, but ignores 20,000 COVID-19 mRNA injections deaths almost 2 million serious injuries. I call that brainwashing. The same is true for the more than 440,000 Americans killed every year by medical mistakes and an additonal 130,000 Americans killed by properly taking their precribed Big Pharma medicine. The medical mafia kills more than 500,000 Americans every year. What America and the world needs is innoculation from the medical mafia, not taking their death shots and alchemist poisons.

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What is even more insidious is the fact that while most physicians are good, honest doctors, those at the top of the WHO, CDC and other regulatory agencies are not. The leadership of all of these organizations are corrupt. To call them dishonest would be an extreme understatement. While many drugs and treatments are safe and effective, why does Big Pharma, the medical mafia, politicians and the media try so hard to push experimental treatments that are NOT safe and effective while ignoring the many treatments that are actually safe and effective? Money is of course a factor, but it is not the driving force.

Big Pharma earns $300 billion per year on average. They pay out only $30 billion in malpractive and negligence claims. That means maiming and killing people is simply a cost of doing business.

Congress must step in and increase to cost to the medical mafia for killing and maiming patients. If there was a mandatory fine of $1,000,000 for every injured person watch how fast the deaths and injuries cease. Big Pharma was given full immunity from lawsuits which also gave them a license to kill. Only fools and the fully brainwashed cannot recognize this.

When the fear porn media and the medical mafia “experts” failed to sell the snake oil, the global elite have increased the pressure through the many major corporations they own controlling interests in, as a means to further force people into compliance or they cannot shop. This business and job killing cancer is now filtering down to “woke” small businesses.

These “woke” businesses are generally owned by people on the left, but not exclusively. There are many conservative business owners drinking the COVID-19 scamdemic cool aid. Still, by implementing this blatant policy of discrimination, these business are shooting themselves in the foot and reducing their market share in the process. And that is a big part of the elite’s deindustrialization goals. Millions of people will never get the injections and these businesses will lose profits. Many will close.

This is all part of the wider deindustrialization/depopulation agenda concocted by the Club of Rome and the United Nations decades ago.

In 1961 fifteen global elitists, whose identities remain a secret, met in Huntsville, Alabama to discuss war and the desirability of peace and the need for a “new enemy” to unite humanity. They came to the conclusion that mankind itself was the enemy. Please take the time to read their study published in 1967 titled, The Report from Iron Mountain.

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The entire COVID-19 plandemic is following a blueprint for the growing tyranny we are experiencing. This blueprint was created in 2010 by the Rockfeller Foundation, in the study, Operation Lockstep.

As a result of the designed lockdowns more than 600,000 American small businesses have been permanently destroyed. Each was deemed “non-essential”. Guess what, in the eyes of the Malthusian global elite, we are all non-essential, useless eaters who are a cancer on the planet and must be culled.

pg 75 of The First Global Revolution by Alexander King (1992)

The “woke” companies that are denying entrance to their businesses from the unvaccinated with obviously backfire, which is the true goal. The fact is, the elite are not worried about lost revenues or stock prices. They can sustain the loses. Small businesses cannot. This discrimination serves to further deindustrialize America and the western world. As I mentioned, this is not an opinion. It is an agenda. At this point, t[he global elite are only interest in one thing, thinning the herd of useless eaters and achieving the goal of “maintaining humanity at less than 500,000,000 people in perpetual balance with nature”.

These elitists and their minions are obviously insane. They are the greatest collective threat to all of humanity. They, call humanity itself a cancer on the earth as they “destroy the earth” and control any and all opposition to their decimation of the environment they falsely claim to be championing.

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Freedom is fading fast as more and more “woke” small businesses drink the New World Order collectivist cool-aid. They are irrationally dismissing science to accept a powerfully driven political agenda forwarded by China’s World Health Organization and their New World Order medical minons like Dr. Fauci.

Communist Chinese propaganda is promoted by the communists who call themselves democrats and their mainstream media spin doctors to bamboozle America into compliance with its own demise.. The goal is to weaken America. This is not rocket science.

Still, some small minded people who are easily led and controlled are doing more to destroy small business and create social conflict and chaos than China, Iran and Russia combined. We are cannibalizing America one bite at a time. The politicization of medicine is a very dangerous thing.

As many do not believe the media due to their lies about COVID-19 and do not trust the government due to its growing totalitarian stature and evil checkered past of secret experiments on the American people, can you blame them? Now, many are feeling the same about the politicization of medicine.

We call all thank liars and New World Order political hacks like Dr. Deception Anthony Fauci and the WHO, who are both China and Bill Gate’s pockets.

We cannot allow a false narrative designed to “transform” America and the world to accept the dictates of global elilte bureaucrats who do not care about Our constitutional rights. Face it, in 1954 the elite launched a silent war on humanity fought with quiet weapons. When viewed through this lens, the biowar on humanity comes clearly into focus.

This can no longer be tolerated. We all have rights, despite how the government tramples on them.

Big Business and Big Tech are doing what government cannot do to socially engineer society to accept totalitarian socialism. As a result America is now engaging in a Cold Civil War pitting those who want freedom against those who want the goverment nanny state, seduced by welfare and other programs designed not to lift people out of poverty, but rather keep them dependent on the state for their survival.

This is very dangerous road to tread down, but sadly the masses who were indoctrinated at Yale, Harvard, Columbia and other communist indoctrination centers over the last two generations do not know the true history of the ideology they embrace. The have been taught that the more than 100 million people killed by communism in the last century is a lie. Those who believe this are either stupid, ill informed, or believe “their generation can do it right.”

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This is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Given the violent and destructive behavior and reactions of democrats, socialists and leftists in the last few years, it is clear these angry, “woke folk” are nothing more than useful idiots.

Emptying jails due to the fake pandemic increased crime. Opening the borders is adding to the chaos. Defunding police has made everything worse. Democrats are doing what they do best. In true Saul Alinsky RULES FOR RADICALS fashion, democrats are blaming republicans for all the chaos they have created.

Most sane individuals can recognize this. The problem is, the sane democrats are going along with all of this “woke” crap instead of speaking out against it. That make these particular democrats slaves to the democrat machine.

The communists who have raged against the machine for decades have become the machine. And the machine controls the media and major corporations and they are using them to “transform” society. And this transformation is not for social justice or equality, but rather attack your enemies and destroy them. This should be transparent by now.

On top of all of this communist crap, businesses are choosing sides as to who can come into their stores and who cannot. America is no longer a free society and it closing very, very fast.

We must stop looking at America through a polarized politicized lens and recognize a communist revolution is in the works, being supported by the democrats and their hidden masters’ ongoing coup of our republic.

They are using the same tactics employed by the Nazis, the trust of doctors. This trust assisted the Nazis in their evil bio-genetic medical experiments and fooling those arriving at the death camps that they wouldn’t be harmed. After all, doctors in white coats met them at the train platforms. Why would they treat people if they were going to slaughter them? Because it was all theatre. Like face masks. And the fake political pandemic.

America is last stand for freedom in the world. If we fall, the globalists will “transform” America and the world into one big totalitarian socialist concentration camp that will make the Nazis death camps look like summer sleepaway camps. Face the reality, or die in denial. The writing is on the wall. The big question is, “have the masses been so dumbed down they cannot read the message.”

Now, the jabbed are afraid of the un-jabbed. This combined with the deadly addition of “wokeness” makes for a particularly insidious cup of hemlock tea for society. Wokeness is cannabilizing society by shunning groups who support freedom, individual rights and the Constiution in favor of com

A government big enough to give you everything, bolstered by the media, big Tech and big business is powerful enough to take everything you have. Including your life.

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‘No Vaccine, No Entry’: How COVID-19 Shots are Causing Social Conflicts

After 15 months of limiting their social interactions to small outdoor gatherings with masks and social distancing — and two COVID-19 vaccination shots apiece for herself, her husband and their teen son — Suzanne (who preferred to not use her real name for this article) and her family are finally easing up and meeting with friends and family members inside. Sort of.

While Suzanne’s side of the family is fully vaccinated, most of her in-laws, who object to vaccinations on religious grounds, are not. What’s more, they are lax about wearing masks, and have thus not been included in recent gatherings.

Over the past few months, the flurry of vaccinations for those aged 12 and up has resulted in relief, a relaxation of the vigilant behavior adopted during the pandemic and a rash of social invitations. But, as evidenced by the White House admitting its target of having 70 percent of U.S. adults partially vaccinated will likely miss its July 4 deadline, not everyone is rushing, or even planning, to roll up their sleeve. And so a pandemic that’s already seen fissures form between those who mask and those who don’t, and those who have taken COVID-19 seriously and those who have dismissed it as a threat, now ushers in its new social divide: the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated.

Stories like Suzanne’s abound: The family who frets over an upcoming holiday season with one branch of the family tree iced out. The grandparent who’d rather stay home than get vaccinated and visit their new grandchild, at the request of his parents. The unvaccinated friend fuming because a wedding is open to vaccinated guests only.

At a time when a return to “normal” is touted at every turn, awkwardness, hurt feelings and a sense of being judged are leaving many relationships feeling anything but.

Robert Johnson, who owns the woodworking business Sawinery, tells Yahoo Life that his family is being “extra careful” in terms of socializing because his children are not yet vaccinated. (Both Johnson and his wife, who live in Connecticut, are fully vaccinated.)

“We are still not accepting guests unless it has been two weeks after their second dose,” says Johnson, citing a recent birthday party he hosted for his son which “strictly enforced a no vaccine, no entry policy.”

Johnson admits that his family’s vigilance has led to “some strain” with relatives who are unvaccinated.

“They said that we are acting so high and mighty just because we have our vaccines,” he says. “And up until now, these family members refuse to talk to us. But the only way to end this pandemic is for us to trust in science.”

Kayaking blog founder Steve Morrow of Gilbert, Ariz., is vaccinated, but hasn’t limited his social interactions to exclude those who aren’t — “personally, I don’t care and will hang out with whoever,” he tells Yahoo Life. But differences in vaccination status are still wreaking havoc within his social circle. His parents, who are in their 80s, refuse to be vaccinated and have made Morrow and his wife “feel uncomfortable” about their own decision, he says. He also has friends who won’t meet up with anyone who hasn’t had their COVID-19 shots.

“The whole situation is pretty messed up,” Morrow says. “It is definitely awkward getting together with people who are on such opposite sides of the spectrum. I never imagined the vaccine would cause such a rift in our society and our friend groups. Once we get past the vaccine conversations with family and friends, hopefully we can all get along. It’s such a divisive subject right now.”

Is there a way through these conflicts without backing down over your personal stance? Therapist Hannah Tishman, who has addressed such fallouts with her clients in addition to witnessing them within her own social circle, recommends not letting someone’s health decisions, or the boundaries they need to set, feel like a personal affront.

“Everyone has to navigate their own comfort level and to advocate for their own personal safety and feelings of security,” Tishman, vice-president of operations for the New York City-based Cobb Psychotherapy, tells Yahoo Life. “That might look different for each person based on their own lived experiences, health history and personal beliefs and values. Everyone has had a different experience during the pandemic, some experiencing a higher level of trauma than others. It’s important that we come from a place of understanding and not judgment when we learn of others’ choices regarding their vaccinations.

“What makes one person feel safe may make another feel unsafe, and visa versa,” she adds. “There are strong feelings involved as we recover from the pandemic and it can be helpful to express what makes you feel safe and your own needs to loved ones, instead of projecting what you expect from others onto them.”

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