Patriotic Americans Now Being Labeled As ‘Terrorists’ By A Criminal Government (Video)

This is just name calling and more propaganda, right?

Not at all!

They are setting the narrative right now against conservatives, Christians and Constitutionals, among others. Once the term “terrorist” is officially applied to ANY group in the US those people can then be treated like enemy combatants, which would include removal of Constitutional protections against things like search and seizure and indefinite incarceration without trial . . .

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California becomes first state to REQUIRE students be VAXXED to attend school, Feinstein demands vax passports to fly domestically, liberal SCOTUS says NYC teachers have no right to refuse the experimental jab, and the National School Boards Association is begging Biden to surveil all parents who go to School Board meetings to have their voices heard as “extremists “and “terror threats”.

Welcome to the land of the formerly free, and the home of the brave!

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