TOTAL PROOF: Barack Obama Is The Grandson of Adolf Hitler on His Mother’s Side (must watch)

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Adolph Hitler did NOT die in a bunker in 1944. That was his butler who was also his body double. He escaped to Argentina along with other SS, where he lived until a car accident in 1957 took his life.

Adolf Hitler With Toddler Daughter Ann

Eva Braun, his wife, and their daughter Ann who had been born in 1942, accompanied Hitler to Argentina. While in Argentina Eva and Adolf had at least 1 more “daughter” who was taken to Germany to be raised in the “motherland”. The one hard to miss is Angela Merkle (possibly born male – 1954). She is Prime Minister of German.

After Hitler died in Argentina in 1957, Eva Braun changed her name to Madelyn Lee Payne and moved with her daughter Ann to Hawaii in the US.

In Hawaii, she married (CIA Agent) Stanley Dunham and her name became Madelyn Dunham. Ann changed her name to Stanley Ann Dunham. Stanley Ann quickly became pregnant with little Barrack.

Barrack has been painfully aware of this ROYAL position in this lifetime, and how it is his personal mission to plunge America into the pits of hell called Communism, where they kill all the Christians and generally make life pretty miserable for everyone, except them. To them, killing, stealing and destroying is pure sport.

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The people who knew Barrack Obama when he was in college all new of one strange trait about him. He ALWAYS KNEW that he was going to become the President of the United States. You know how he always walks the the Cock On The Walk…? Why? Because he was the direct grandson of Adolf Hitler.

TAKE A LOOK at these photos that show Nephew Barrack with Aunt Angela together through the years!! Smooching, hugging, smiling, winking, giggling, “eyeing each other” JUST LIKE FAMILY.

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Funny thing though. Eva Braun / Mrs. Hitler / Madelyn Dunham, living in Hawaii, conveniently died 2 days before her grandson Obama was elected president of USA, Inc..

Stanley Ann was 19 when her step father, Stanley, introduced her to a black communist leader and adjutator, Frank Marshal Davis, who he worked in concert with his position at the CIA.

Barrack Obama’s COMMUNIST Roots

Frank Marshal Davis – FMD – had a hobby of paying and photographing young white girls naked, and then he would sell these images to the girly magazines.

This one minute long video reviews the relationship between Stanley Ann and Frank Marshal Davis. At the time of these photos, Ann was several weeks pregnant with Davis’ baby (Barrack Obama). This video clip is from the incredible documentary Dreams of My Real Father, proving that FMD was in fact Obama’s real father.

Davis, who is now deceased, was an African American from the Midwest who had worked as a columnist for the Chicago Star, the communist newspaper of Chicago, a city that had one of the largest CPUSA affiliates, and, in fact, hosted the September 1919 convention that launched the American Communist Party.

Though Davis always tried to conceal any communist associations — ironically, Obama supporters have picked up that torch — there’s no question that Davis was a communist, as is immediately evident upon reading his columns, examining his background, or consulting with people in the party (to this day) who confirm he was a communist.

The fact that he was at least a lower case “c” “communist” is obvious. It takes a little more digging to find evidence of his membership in CPUSA — but not much. Among the sources that reveal his membership are Davis himself, notably in a letter he wrote to a friend, published posthumously by his biographer, Professor John Edgar Tidwell. “I have recently joined the Communist party,” wrote Davis.

In 1948, Davis just happened to arrive in Hawaii the same time that leaders of the Communist Party in Hawaii — realizing the limits of national party organs like the Daily Worker and People’s Daily World — established their own weekly newspaper, the Honolulu Record.

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In 1949, Davis began writing a regular column for the Record, titled, “Frankly Speaking.” This was a key form of agitation work that Davis would do for the party in Hawaii for decades.

Communist Frank Marshal Davis is who Barrack Obama was writing about in “Dreams From My Father“.

In this video we see how the current Barrack Obama is a Natural Born Citizen if his real Fathers name was on his Original Birth Certificate, Frank Marshall Davis – FMD.

The Original Birth Certificate had Father Unknown due to Davis’ extensive ties, and leadership in the Marxist movement (as well is his hate for Anglo Saxon’s!) And, not to mention that FMD was already married and had five children.


So his CIA Agent Grandfather arranged a “marriage” between his (step) daughter, pregnant (Stanley) Ann, and an acquaintance named Barack Hussein Obama of Kenya. Obama was promised a student visa as well as a free scholarship to an Ivy League College in return for this little stand in.

One other fact to take note of. It takes SERVERAL GENERATIONS of white bloodline being added to African black in order to get as light skinned as Barrack Obama is. It is absolutely impossible for Barrack Obama Sr to produce a child anywhere near the color of our current Obama.

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No. Obama’s skin tone is much more likely the one generation whitening of Frank Marshal Davis’ level of melatonin.

A friend of mine, let’s call him Bill, who is a medium toned black, tells me that his father is white and works at the local airport, so Bill sees his real dad whenever he fly’s back home. But his dad won’t acknowledge that he knows who Bill is. The reason, Bill explains, is that when Bill’s mom wanted to get pregnant, she only wanted one thing. The seeds of a white man.

Bill explains that his mother is one of the darkest black people that he knows, and that his mother did not want to burden, or worse, curse him, to a lifetime of that condition. So she sought to lighten the tone of her offspring to improve their chances in life. Bill only married white women and all his kids are another shade lighter than he is.

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