WATCH: Mike Pence Outs Himself as Servant of the Neocon, Warmongering, Luciferian Deep State

WATCH: Mike Pence Outs Himself as Servant of the Neocon, Warmongering, Luciferian Deep State

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Mike Pence is quickly becoming the most unlikable politician in America, and I’m not even talking about his backstabbing role on January 6, 2021.

Speaking at a Townhall on September 13, Pence said that if Ukraine can’t deliver a bloody nose to Russia, the U.S. will need to step in and send troops to join the fight, thereby ensuring Russia’s defeat.

This sounds like a recipe for nuclear war, which Pence did not address, nor was he asked to address it in the totally staged event. Watch his response in the video below.

Pence kept a low profile as vice president. But now he’s showing his true colors.

He says Biden isn’t giving Ukraine enough support. Apparently $110 billion in military aid is not enough? And if we do give them “the resources they need,” Pence says Ukraine will “drive that Russian military back.” How much is enough, Mike?

What is this guy smoking? Clearly, it’s the same drug that all of the other neocons in Washington like to smoke. I can only imagine it must be high-potency meth wrapped in hundred-dollar bills, curtesy of the Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin.

Putin has made it very clear that he is not backing out of Ukraine without a deal that includes Ukraine being demilitarized and a guarantee that it not become a member of NATO, ever. Putin will do whatever is necessary to achieve this, just as America would if the Russians were funneling weapons to Mexico that were being used to shell U.S. cities in Texas.

Is it just me, or does it appear that Pence’s whole countenance has changed? He always looked plastic and fake, but now his eyes burn with the Luciferian lust for death.

In less than five minutes, Pence managed to repeat every lie of the neocon globalist warmongering deep-state and its Uniparty minions — that Russia and Putin want to “reclaim” the old Soviet empire, that Russia is a threat to launch an unprovoked invasion of NATO countries, and that “if we don’t fight the communists over there, we will have to fight them here.”

Newsflash to Mike Pence: We already have more than our share of communists “here” in America and you’ve done very little over your career to fight them. Almost none of these domestic communists are Russian, so maybe that’s why you bow down and kiss their rear ends. That’s exactly what you did, Mr. Pence, in 2015 when you were governor of Indiana. After you signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that year, you caught flak from the cultural Marxists trying to normalize transgenderism and other perversions. You folded like a wet banana peel.

But he loves to fight against those Russian commies (he apparently doesn’t yet realize that the Russians gave up on communism more than 33 years ago).

Does Pence really think that if the U.S. doesn’t fight Russia in Ukraine that Russia will be invading America and we will have to fight them “over here?” Of course not. He knows that’s a massive lie, but he tells it anyway. That’s what globalist stooges do. They will tell any lie, no matter how outragious, if that’s what their handlers say is needed to whip up another round of pro-war hysteria in America.

The truth is exactly the opposite: If we continue to arm Ukraine with ever bigger and more sophisticated weapons to be used against Russia, that will provoke Putin to at some point strike back. Which of course is exactly what the U.S. government wants. But how will Russia strike back? Will it be with cruise missles? Hypersonic missiles? Will they give them a nuclear payload?

Pence seems to forget that Russia is the world’s most heavily armed nuclear power, with more than twice the arsenal the U.S. has at its disposal.

His words are not only untrue. They are reckless and a direct provocation to nuclear war.

Pence provides zero evidence that Russia is on a mission to reclaim its former empire, let alone launch out on an unprovoked attack on the U.S. or any other NATO country. Why? Because there is no such evidence to be had. Putin has made it clear for well over a decade that what he can never accept is more eastward expansion of NATO and the stacking of NATO weapons on his border in Ukraine — two things that a simple timeline and map of Eastern Europe will prove that NATO is engaging in. The map below is from March 2022, the most recent I could find online. Since this map was made, another two nations, Finland and Sweden, have joined NATO. And Finland has hundreds of miles of border with Russia.

Pence’s September 13 speech is not only reckless but immoral. He brags about a doctrine that calls for the U.S. to use other countries, in this case Ukraine, to fight its wars and settle its scores with a rival superpower. This is destroying Ukraine. The country has suffered an estimated 500,000 casualties fighting a losing cause against a superior Russian military.

Mike Pence has clearly gone over to the dark side. Maybe he always was one of theirs.

Shame on him and shame on all of the American neocon warmongers who speak of “democracy” and other made-up platitudes in order to justify their doctrine of perpetual foreign wars that make endlessly growing profits for their donors in the military-industrial complex.

Pence and his ilk think we the people are stupid when they tell these lies about America’s non-existent “national interest” in Ukraine and why we should expend our blood and treasure there and in other far-flung regions that pose no threat to our national borders. At the same time, many of these same globalist politicians ignore or downplay the existential threat metastasizing at the U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada. It is here that thousands of men of military age are flooding in every day from China and the Islamic world.

This is no accident that they have placed a priority on exactly the opposite point of where it should be placed. Globalist politicians are traitors to their country. They are pledged to serve the interests, not of the hardworking American taxpayer but of multinational banks and corporations. They hate we the people and, in their eyes, the more of us that they can kill through toxic injections and foreign wars, the better.


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